La Bamba Karaoke Bar


La Bamba Karaoke Bar first opened in 2003, we started with a few English and Finnish Karaoke songs but now our collection is more than 30,000 of good quality karaoke songs in English, Spanish, Finnish, German, French, Italian, Swedish, Estonian and Russian.

Our policy is one of continual improvement and our aim is to offer fun and enjoyment to all nationalities. La Bamba Karaoke Bar in Puerto de la Cruz offers you a really happy atmosphere and excellent sound quality covering everything from the evergreens to the latest hits.

At La Bamba you may try the Finnish drinks like famous Lonkero (Gin-grape longdrink) and our home made popular shots: Salmari (Liquorice shot) and Fisu (Fishermans Friend shot)

We offer you the possibility to record a live-CD from your Karaoke performances during your stay at the bar.

You may choose up to 5 songs / disc to be recorded.

Its a nice memory from joyfully nights at the bar, and its yours for a reasonable cost of 28€


To all clients, both old friends and those new to us we extend a warm welcome and hope that you´ll come to see and feel the atmosphere in La Bamba Karaoke Bar for yourself.

 Every night is a karaoke night



-Mikael Björklund and La Bamba Karaoke staff-